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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Internet of Things (#IoT) is a new technology that could exert a substantial impact on the building industry. One application of IoT is to convert buildings into “smart buildings”. Those buildings which are equipped with sensors and other technologies will be able to communicate with other devices enabling them to function more efficiently and improve how people live, work or play. Most importantly, IoT has the potential to change how people interact with their buildings. It allows occupants to remotely control heating, lighting, shades, HVAC and more, resulting in greater #energy efficiency.

The internet of buildings impacts the development and design of buildings, including how we communicate with each other and our buildings. It will influence the Australian building industry and it is important for future generations that we take into consideration the concept and energy efficiency target for housing and commercial buildings.

With the internet of things, geospatial analysis, big data analysis, human-centered design concept, product life cycle management and BIM with architects, designers and engineers are set to reinvent the Australian building industry.

Internet of Buildings offers valuable information to anyone involved in, or interested in, utilising new technology in the Australian building industry. It will act as a valuable resource for both architects and engineers. The buildings of the future will be highly energy efficient and smart, with all building components either incorporating or communicating with embedded technology.

The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has set out targets for 2030 whereby nearly 50% of floor space in new buildings will incorporate some form of sensing, monitoring, automation or control technology; this is equivalent to 20.7 million m² of new space (approximately 15% of the stock).

At Sustena, our vision is for the internet of things to be integrated into all building services, providing opportunities for greater energy efficiency, better functionality and more convenience for end users. We are working with industry to achieve this goal.

For more information on how to design building services to be IoT enabled talk to us on 1300 883 685. Or visit our website for more ways to contact us.

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