Mechanical Engineering

HVAC systems scope include: 

  • Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)

  • DX and Chilled Water Systems

  • Hot Water Heat Pump System with Natural Refrigerant

  • Air Distribution and Zoning Solutions

  • Hydronic Heating  

  • Refrigeration and  Industrial Climate Control

  • Thermo Active Building Systems (TABS)

  • Specialist Gases- Medical

  • Compressed air and Hydrogen

  • Kitchens and Laundry Ventilation and Exhaust

  • Computer Rooms and Data Centers Climate Control 

  • Sustainability Studies & Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Geothermal Air-conditioning Systems

  • Smoke and Refrigerant Leakage Exhaust Systems

  • District Cooling and Heating

  • Free Cooling and Heat Recovery Systems

  • Air Quality Management

  • BCA Compliance