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Commercial & Industrial Projects

Our commercial building services include planning, designing and overseeing construction to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget and according to specifications. Often we are called upon by our clients to add value to a project through value engineering. Such involvement is likely beneficial in most scenarios and highly critical when undertaking renovations or fit-outs to an existing facility. We work closely with clients and contractors during construction, ensuring the finished product meets overall project goals.

As leading office fit out company, SUSTENA has been involved in various projects. Our services are focused on providing high quality service and our expert team is committed to work closely with clients to provide results that exceed expectations.

At SUSTENA we specialise in providing commercial building design services. Offering consultancy services including mechanical, electrical, fire protection and hydraulics, our crew of qualified engineers can help your business complete any major fit-outs.

Various office fit out projects have been completed by our building engineers.

Below are highlight of some of the office building projects completed in Australia.

  • Goldmine office, Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia

  • Storage facility, Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia

  • Bunbury car showroom, Bunbury, WA, Australia

  • Salamanca office building, Hobart, TAS, Australia

  • HVLV Stage 3 office building, Midland, WA , Australia

  • Kennard's self storage facility Moss Vale, NSW, Australia

  • Kennard's self storage facility Goulburn, NSW, Australia

  • Mount Bundey military training area, Mount Bundey, NT, Australia

  • Cessnock Correctional Centre, Cessnock, NSW

  • Silverwater Correctional Centre, Silverwater, NSW

  • Forester Police Station, Lake Street, Forster

  • Taree Police Station, Taree, NSW

  • Queanbeyan Police Station, Queanbeyan, NSW

  • Parklea Correctional Centre, Parklea,NSW

  • Confidential defence jobs

Here are some more details about some of our largest projects:


Mount Bundey Military Training Area, Mount Bundey, NT, Australia

 SUSTENA's contributions to the Mount Bundey military training area underscore the company's capabilities in designing and developing secure and specialized military infrastructure. These facilities are crucial for military training and readiness, and SUSTENA's involvement in such projects highlights its expertise in addressing complex and confidential requirements.

Cessnock Correctional Centre, Cessnock, NSW

 As a key player in the construction of correctional facilities, SUSTENA's work at Cessnock Correctional Centre exemplifies its dedication to enhancing security, safety, and efficiency in correctional facilities. The company's contributions ensure that these centers are designed to meet the specific needs of the justice system while prioritizing the well-being and security of inmates and staff.

Silverwater Correctional Centre, Silverwater, NSW

 SUSTENA's engagement at Silverwater Correctional Centre further emphasizes its proficiency in designing and implementing secure and state-of-the-art correctional facilities. The company's expertise in this domain plays a pivotal role in creating environments that foster rehabilitation and ensure public safety.


Forester Police Station, Lake Street, Forster

 In supporting law enforcement agencies, SUSTENA has played a crucial role in designing and equipping the Forester Police Station. By providing law enforcement personnel with efficient and well-equipped facilities, SUSTENA contributes to enhancing community safety and the effectiveness of policing operations.


Taree Police Station, Taree, NSW

 SUSTENA's involvement in designing the Taree Police Station exemplifies its commitment to supporting law enforcement agencies in their mission to serve and protect communities. The company's expertise in optimizing spatial layouts and functional designs ensures that police stations are equipped to meet the diverse needs of modern policing.

Queanbeyan Police Station, Queanbeyan, NSW

 The Queanbeyan Police Station project is another testament to SUSTENA's dedication to delivering efficient and secure facilities for law enforcement agencies. By providing tailored solutions to meet the specific operational requirements of police stations, SUSTENA contributes to strengthening community safety and public trust.


Parklea Correctional Centre, Parklea, NSW

 As part of its contributions to the correctional system, SUSTENA's involvement in the Parklea Correctional Centre emphasizes its focus on security, inmate welfare, and staff safety. The company's expertise in correctional facility design ensures that these centers are conducive to rehabilitation and adhere to the highest standards of security.

Our building services experts will help you to complete your next commercial project successfully. You are one call away from making this important step towards completing your next construction or renovation project to your budget and on time. We have experienced team members that are focused on exceeding industry standards, providing value engineering (saving you both time and money) to maintain budget, schedule and deliver high quality services no matter the size of the project.

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