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Project Management

Start your transformation by implementing efficient project management practices. SUSTENA project management team can help you to successfully plan, procure and deliver your projects from strategy all the way to commissioning and handover.


Our project management services include:

  • Tender/Bid Stage

    • Project baseline programme

    • Project budgeting

    • Resource planning

    • Contingency allocation

    • High level risk and opportunities

    • Value engineering options

  • Procumbent/Planning/Design Stage

    • Due diligence, negotiations and onboarding of resources, subcontractors, and material

    • Resource loading and leveling

    • Cost planning

    • Preparation of work break down structures

    • Preparation of Level 3 programmes

    • Definition of key performance indicators for the project

    • Setting up project dashboard in power BI

    • Setting up project forecasting platform

    • Setting up project processes

  • Delivery/Construction Stage

    • Live tracking of project KPIs, such as: SPI, earned value, planned cost vs actual, planned manhours vs actual, progress curve, forecasted completion date and budget, activity progress trend, cost variance

    • Progress reporting

    • Critical project path analysis

    • Subcontractor management

    • Project forecasting

    • Claims

    • Risk and opportunity management

  • Completion/Commissioning Stage

    • Managing commissioning contractors and ICE consultants

    • Defect list preparation and closure

    • Collation and submission of project documentation such as O&M manuals, as built drawings, and specifications

  • Handover Stage

    • Preparing project summary report including lessons learnt, financial and time analysis

    • Suggestions for future business strategy

    • Collating client feedback

    • Demobilising of staff, subcontractors


Our experienced team of project managers and planes offer our clients cost-effective and efficient solutions that address their project delivery needs. We have worked with numerous companies within the retail, defence, commercial and residential sectors, helping them overcome fire protection engineering issues. Contact our team to see how we can help you.

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project management
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