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Communication is simple, clear and transparent at SUSTENA. Where we exceed expectations is in the holistic approach to our clients’ needs where we tailor innovative and smart service design solutions based on deep understanding of the building, its uses, occupants and their lifestyle. Our goal is not just to deliver a project that satisfies the brief but to delight clients, end users and all other stakeholders.

We are committed to innovation. We make buildings smarter, more comfortable and people happier. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each client as we believe that no one size fits all. We remain dedicated to the highest standard of quality and performance and we work to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Our values have been at the core of SUSTENA since it was established, and we strive to maintain their integrity as we grow. They form the foundation of our business and how we interact with you.


SUSTENA tailors the most innovative and smart building services design solutions to the most natural human comfort factors, where integrated services meet individual life styles

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SUSTENA cares about the planet, and at what cost we make the services operate. We utilise the most green and sustainable technologies in our solutions.


Every design solution is agreed in detail at concept stage with the clients to ensure compliance with project unique requirements and highest quality

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SUSTENA brings more than 30 years of engineering experience on iconic projects around the globe, bringing cutting edge solutions to the table.

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Transparent communication and flexibility in liaison with architects and interior designers throughout the project. Aesthetics and ergonomics are as important as the technical elements.

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SUSTENA is committed to enhance the lifestyle quality based on individual needs of clients as well as our community. SUSTENA solutions are humanised and least contractual.

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