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Infrastructure Projects

Are you looking to get your infrastructure project done? We have been part of design and construction of numerous iconic, large scale infrastructure projects within Australia and internationally. Our team is highly experienced for carrying out big, complex projects with impeccable safety record.

With the surge in infrastructure and development projects happening across the world and a finite amount of resources such as time and money, owners are looking for engineering consultants who can provide flexible results-based solutions at every stage of a project.

Better infrastructure leads to increased productivity and greater safety and can elevate the community spirit of a city. Our Infrastructure projects have been designed keeping the above values in mind. Below is a list of major infrastructure projects done by our team.

  • Roy Hill train unloading, Port Hedland, WA, Australia

  • Yandi Sustaining project, Yandi, WA, Australia

  • UGL YSP, Yandi, WA, Australia

  • Nammuldi BWT, Nammuldi, WA, Australia

  • South West Metropolitan rail project, Perth, WA, Australia

  • Adventure World MCC room, Perth, WA, Australia

  • Ansaldo TT, Perth, WA, Australia

  • BHP GIS Project, Nelson Point, WA, Australia

  • CPM decontamination facility, Port Hedland, WA, Australia

  • M5 toll gates fire hydrant pump station, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Sydney metro and South West, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Western Sydney Airport, NSW, Australia

  • Warwick Farm Multi-Storey Carpark , NSW, Australia

  • Great Western Highway Tunnel, NSW, Australia

  • New M5 Westconnex, NSW, Australia

Notable School Projects:

Sydney Metro City and South West 

The Sydney Metro and South West Project is a major infrastructure initiative aimed at improving transportation in the city of Sydney, Australia. The project includes the construction of a new metro rail line that will connect the city's north-west suburbs with the south-west suburbs.

The new metro rail line will be fully automated, which means that there will be no need for drivers. It will also be designed to operate at a much higher frequency than the current rail network, which should reduce wait times for commuters.

The South West Project will also include the construction of several new stations along the new metro line, as well as upgrades to existing stations. This will help to improve accessibility and convenience for commuters, making it easier for them to get to work, school, or other destinations.

Overall, the Sydney Metro and South West Project is an ambitious and exciting initiative that is set to transform transportation in the city of Sydney. It has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life for residents, reduce congestion on the roads, and provide a more efficient and sustainable mode of transportation for everyone.

Next DC Data Centre Port Hedland

The NEXTDC data centre project in Port Hedland is an exciting development that has the potential to transform the digital landscape of Western Australia. Located in the Pilbara region, the data centre will act as a gateway to the Asia Pacific, providing high-speed connectivity to businesses and organisations across the state.

The facility will be built to the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency, with a focus on reducing its environmental impact. It will also be designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions that are common in the area, such as cyclones and severe heat.

The Port Hedland data centre will provide a range of services, including colocation, cloud computing, and connectivity options. This will enable businesses of all sizes to access the latest digital technologies and take advantage of the opportunities they provide. In addition, the facility will create local jobs and provide economic benefits to the region.

Overall, the NEXTDC data centre project in Port Hedland is an important development that will help to drive digital innovation and economic growth in Western Australia.

Next DC Data Centre Darwin

The next DC data centre project in Darwin is expected to be a significant investment in the region. The project is set to provide state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that will enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively in the digital age.

The new data centre will be built to meet the highest standards of reliability, security and energy efficiency. It will have multiple layers of physical and cyber security measures to protect against data breaches and other forms of cyber attacks. Additionally, the facility will be designed to be highly resilient, with multiple power and cooling systems to ensure uninterrupted service.

The project is expected to create a number of new job opportunities in the region, including positions in construction, engineering, and IT. Moreover, it will help attract new businesses to the area, as the availability of high-quality data centre services is increasingly important for businesses across all sectors.

Overall, the next DC data centre project in Darwin is an exciting development for the region that is set to bring many benefits to the local economy and businesses.

 If you have an infrastructure project in mind and want real experts with proven experience by your side, talk to us today.

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