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Electrical Engineering

An effective electrical engineering design minimises building overall power consumption, considers various opportunities for power saving, and ensure secure and uninterrupted power is provided to various services as needed by standards.

Electrical building services engineering scope includes various low voltage and high voltage systems such as: 

  •  Assessment of likely Maximum Demand for site

  • MSB Schematic plans

  • Unit DBS Schematic plans

  • Advise strategy for likely power supply requirements to site and spatial provisions;

  • Assist Client's Accredited Service Provider in securing power supply to site

  • Energy Management System (EMS) for NCC Part J and ESD verification

  • Power distribution systems including earthing;

  • Power outlets and supplies to plant as nominated by service designers

  • Lightning protection services

  • Lighting design for internal spaces developed in conjunction with the Architect

  • External security, façade and building feature lighting

  • Lighting design for landscape areas developed with the Landscape Architect; Emergency lighting and illuminated exit signage

  • Incoming communications cabling services and Building Distributor

  • Communications equipment cabinets and termination panels

  • Communications cabling services from equipment cabinets to outlets and building equipment (FIP, Lifts, etc.)

  • Containment and infrastructure systems for Telstra / NBN fit out

  • Master Antenna Television (MATV) and PayTV infrastructure services

  • Intercom systems

  •  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) services

  •  Retail power/data provisions

  •  Access control systems

  • Coordination with, and incorporation of, ESD and (NSW) BASIX requirements – within the scope of the above systems; and  Energy efficiency requirements to NCC Section J6



Our experienced team of electrical engineers offer our clients cost-effective and efficient solutions that address their electrical engineering needs. We have worked with numerous companies within the retail, defence, commercial and residential sectors, helping them overcome fire protection engineering issues. Contact our team to see how we can help you.

Electrical engineering company
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