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Drafting and BIM

SUSTENA Design Consultants: Empowering the Future of Construction through Drafting and BIM

In the realm of architecture, engineering, and construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has emerged as a game-changing process. At the forefront of this technological revolution stands SUSTENA Design Consultants, a company dedicated to providing intelligent 3D model-based solutions. With a profound focus on efficiency and innovation, SUSTENA offers a wide scope of drafting and BIM services that empower professionals to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure with unprecedented insight and precision. This comprehensive analysis will explore SUSTENA's expertise in drafting and BIM, the scope of its services, and the impact it has had on various sectors, including retail, defense, commercial, and residential projects.

Understanding Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM is a transformative process that leverages intelligent 3D models to enhance collaboration and coordination among architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. This technology-driven approach facilitates a seamless flow of information throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in more efficient planning, design, construction, and maintenance processes.

The fundamental advantages of BIM lie in its ability to centralize project data, facilitate real-time collaboration, and streamline workflows. By adopting BIM, professionals gain comprehensive insights into the building's performance, enabling them to make informed decisions that optimize resources and ensure a higher level of sustainability.


SUSTENA's Drafting and BIM Scope

  1. Drafting of MEP Services in 3D BIM: SUSTENA's team of experienced drafters is well-versed in preparing 3D models for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services. These 3D models streamline coordination between various building systems, mitigating clashes and conflicts during the construction phase.

  2. BIM Consultancy and Audit: As BIM consultants, SUSTENA provides valuable insights and expertise to clients seeking to adopt BIM in their projects. Their consultancy services help organizations understand the benefits of BIM and develop a roadmap for its successful implementation. Additionally, SUSTENA conducts BIM audits to assess and optimize existing BIM processes.

  3. BIM Management Role: In complex projects, SUSTENA takes on the BIM management role, overseeing the entire BIM process. This includes coordinating between disciplines, managing data and models, and ensuring compliance with BIM execution plans.

  4. Preparing Digital Twins of Buildings: SUSTENA's proficiency extends to developing digital twins of buildings – virtual representations that mirror the physical assets and systems. These digital twins enable better asset management, performance analysis, and predictive maintenance throughout the building's lifecycle.

  5. BIM Data Entry: Accurate data entry is crucial for the success of any BIM project. SUSTENA ensures that data is meticulously entered into the 3D models, facilitating accurate analyses and decision-making.

  6. Extracting Schedules of Elements from BIM: SUSTENA's expertise in BIM allows them to extract precise schedules of elements from the 3D models. These schedules streamline procurement, construction planning, and cost estimation processes.

  7. Bill of Materials: By leveraging BIM, SUSTENA generates detailed and accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs) that outline the quantity and specifications of materials required for the project. This optimizes the procurement process and minimizes wastage.

  8. Clash Reports: Through clash detection capabilities, SUSTENA identifies potential clashes and interferences between building elements, allowing early resolution and avoiding costly rework during construction.

  9. Coordination Among Different Disciplines: SUSTENA ensures seamless coordination among different disciplines, such as architecture, structural engineering, and MEP services, through their BIM expertise. This ensures a cohesive and efficient design process.

  10. Animations and Walkthroughs: Using BIM, SUSTENA creates captivating animations and walkthroughs that offer clients and stakeholders a virtual tour of the building, providing a realistic visualization of the finished project.

  11. 3D Renders of the Designs: SUSTENA enhances the design visualization process by creating high-quality 3D renders that bring concepts to life. This helps clients visualize their projects and make informed design decisions.

  12. Embedding Construction Program in BIM Environment (4D BIM): SUSTENA integrates construction scheduling and sequencing information into the BIM model, resulting in 4D BIM. This visual representation of the construction process aids in better project planning and execution.

  13. Adding Cost to the Construction Program (5D BIM): By integrating cost data into the BIM model, SUSTENA enables 5D BIM, offering an accurate estimation of project costs. This helps clients manage budgets and optimize expenses.

  14. Adding Sustainability to BIM Management Service (6D BIM): In line with their commitment to sustainability, SUSTENA extends its BIM services to include 6D BIM, which incorporates data on the environmental impact and life cycle performance of materials and systems used in the building.

  15. Delivering at Different LODs Based on BIM Execution Plan: SUSTENA adheres to the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) to deliver models at different Levels of Development (LOD) as per the project's requirements. This ensures that the information provided is relevant and accurate at each stage of the project.


Cost-Effective and Efficient Solutions

SUSTENA's team of drafters and BIM consultants excels in delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions that cater to the unique needs of each project. By leveraging the power of BIM, the company optimizes project workflows, reduces potential clashes and errors, and enhances collaboration between stakeholders, ultimately resulting in significant time and cost savings.


Application in Retail, Defense, Commercial, and Residential Sectors

The versatility of SUSTENA's drafting and BIM services is evident in its application across various sectors. In the retail sector, efficient coordination and detailed 3D models facilitate the design and construction of shopping complexes and outlets, ensuring smooth operations and customer experiences.

In the defense sector, precision and accuracy are paramount. SUSTENA's BIM expertise aids in the design and planning of military infrastructure, ensuring optimal use of resources and compliance with strict standards.

For commercial projects, BIM streamlines the design and construction process, leading to quicker project delivery and improved operational efficiency. SUSTENA's solutions cater to the specific needs of commercial developments, whether they are office spaces, hotels, or recreational facilities.

In the residential sector, BIM's visualization capabilities help clients envision their dream homes, while clash detection ensures the integrity of the building's systems and components.

Overcoming Fire Protection Engineering Issues

Incorporating fire protection engineering into the BIM process is crucial for building safety. SUSTENA's expertise ensures that fire protection systems, such as sprinklers and alarms, are accurately integrated into the 3D models. This comprehensive approach aids in detecting potential fire risks and designing effective fire protection measures.

Sustainability as a Core Value


SUSTENA's commitment to sustainability is evident not only in its BIM services but also in the entire organization's philosophy. By promoting the use of BIM for sustainability analysis, the company contributes to the creation of eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings. This aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.

SUSTENA Design Consultants stands at the forefront of innovation in drafting and BIM services, providing architecture, engineering.

drafting and BIM
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