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Talk to your AC and Feel Better

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

A true innovation has no rival. The simplicity of the smartphone is unprecedented, but the emergence of the smartphone and smart homes as the dominant technology took centuries. An innovation is successful if it solves a problem better than existing solutions, and that makes it succeed.

We spend 90% of our lives indoors and we want them to be comfortable while we work and while we rest. Cooling down the temperature but still making it feel like home can be achieved by voice command air conditioning that is smart. Will you agree with me?

In the quest for smart homes, researchers have been looking into ways to control your home just using your voice. Voice activated air conditioning systems require cloud integration for on-demand control on multiple devices. What is it and how does it work, and what kind of impact does it have on the end user’s experience?

Voice control of your home is something we've all dreamed about. But today, our dreams have become a reality! This is not some far-off futuristic concept, but something you can enjoy today by offering your customers the SUSTENA Smart Home solutions. You can use your voice to turn your air conditioning on or off, to increase or decrease the temperature, to turn the fan on or off, switch to the heat mode during fall/winter, set up smart rooms where you could direct different temperatures by room, or even tell it to be automatically controlled by your calendar.

Integrating smart technology in building services would be more than adding supplementary kits, in fact is an engineering infrastructure that supports such upgrades and makes the building future proof and ready for further upgrades.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to find out about the SMART air conditioning solutions, that takes the human comfort to the next level.

To find out more or to get in touch with us please visit out website at

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